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IC contact post

"Phibrizzo here! Just kidding~ You'll have to leave me a message."

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Permissions post


What can be done to Phibrizzo

Hugging this character: Yes
Non-sexual touching: Yes
Kissing this character: Only if it's on the cheek or the forehead. He's in a kid's form.
Injuring this character: Very difficult, but if your character can wield extremely destructive magic or high level holy magic, then yes. Slapping/punching/kicking is also okay, but it's unlikely to do much to him other than knock him down.
Killing this character: No
Tormenting this character with positive emotions: He'll feel nauseous. Go for it!
Feeding this character with negative emotions: Go right ahead. You'll become one of his favourite people here.

Sensing this character's power/that he's not human/etc.: Maybe. Talk to me first, because Phibrizzo has been able to conceal his nature from powerful magic users who are familiar with his kind and from other mazoku. I'm open to the possibility, just PM/email/contact me on AIM, or leave a comment here and we'll discuss it. :)

What can be done to your characters

(Please note: I will ask first before doing any of these things to your character anyhow. This just lets me keep track of who is open to doing awful things to their characters in the name of plot.)

1. Can Phibrizzo use mind control on your character? Phibrizzo is capable of full blown mind control and he can bring out your character's powers to their full potential when doing it. Want your character to commit crimes they never would if they had their free will? Attack their friends and have a lot of apologizing to do later? Here's your chance!

2. Can Phibrizzo kill your character? He has a number of ways of doing this. The hardest one to fight back against is the little sphere he generates to represent a person's soul...right before crushing the sphere. He's also able to tear a person open with black energy.

3. If your character is killed in game by Phibrizzo or someone else, can he manipulate their soul/monster form to do his bidding until the Core brings them back? He's called Hellmaster Phibrizzo for a reason. In Slayers canon, he has dominion over the dead. For the purposes of the game, and due to being in a different dimension, his powers won't be absolute. He'll still have that affinity, though, so here's a request for permission to use your character to wreak havoc.

4. If your character is dead/undead, or otherwise has something unusual going on with their soul/mortality/etc., can Phibrizzo sense it? Vampires, demons, shinigami, arrancar/hollows, angels, etc. - there's a good chance he'll be able to pick up that there's something different about you. Let me know what he can and can't sense.

How's My Driving?

How's My Driving?

If you have comments, or constructive criticism on how I play this character, please leave it here.

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